Shizuka Hakamada
袴田 静 Hakamada Shizuka
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday September 3
Zodiac Virgo
Height 185 cm
Weight 83 kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Basketball Player
School Misuzu Academy
Team Misuzu Basketball Team
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 8

Shizuka Hakamada (袴田 静 Hakamada Shizuka) was Shou Naruse's childhood friend. They were in the same basketball team during their elementary days. He currently plays for Misuzu Academy.


Shizuka has short black hair and is tall like Shou, although when he was little, he was called "shrimp" by his fellow team mates, indicating that he must've been short compared to the others. When first seen, he wears a half sleeved, dark shirt and a black jacket draped around his shoulders as well as dark jeans.

Personality Edit

Shizuka is described as a stoic boy. Because he was raised a family of males, he knows nothing about females and becomes very anxious around them, especially when they touch him or try to talk to him for long; he even goes as far as avoiding them by any cost when they try to get near him.


Shizuka and Shou were in the same basketball team during their elementary days, before he moved into Kyushu in fourth grade. He later returns to his hometown.


Shou NaruseEdit

Shizuka was always envious of Shou ever since they were in the same elementary basketball club. He said that he felt admiration for him and an inferiority complex and that even though he beat him in a match, his hatred towards him never disappeared.[1] He also doesn't want Yuki to date Naruse.

Yuki Machida Edit

Shizuka first meets Yuki after he recovers the basketball that Yuki acidentally gets stuck on the hoop when practicing her shooting skills. They meet properly again when Ryuhoku High has their first match against Misuzu Academy. When Shizuka found out that Yuki likes Naruse, he told her it was a bad idea. Naruse warned Hakamada by saying that Yuki belongs to him. From the way he behaves in front of Yuki, it is suggested that he also likes Yuki. This is confirmed when Naruse confronts him about his feelings towards to her.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the second son in the family.
  • On New Year's Eve, he watches martial arts
  • His favourite colour is blue
  • He dislikes shrimp and crabs because they look like bugs
  • What he likes is unknown

When Shizuka, Yuki and Naruse first met together.


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