This is Chapter 1 from the manga series, Namaikizakari.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Narration: “My first impression of him is ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with this presumptuous person.’” It is spring. A girl calls out to a guy named Naruse Shou [guesswork from 成瀨翔] who is reading his cellphone. She thinks that he’s quite tall and he shouldn’t be playing with his cellphone. Holding a ribbon, she tells him that he is in section C so before going to the school opening ceremony, please stay at his classroom, and also pin this ribbon. He says, ya. She thinks that he should say yes [not ‘ya’]. A ponytailed girl screams that it has been a long time to Shou and asks what section he is. She slaps him so hard that Shou balances himself by holding the reception girl’s chest. Everyone freezes.

And, Shou mutters, “Really huge.” The reception girl is 17 year old, second year high Machida Yuki [guesswork name from 町田由希]. She remains stoic and for her, for this kid to touch her chest is not even worth mentioning. Flashback: When she was young, her younger siblings are quarrelling and crying that basically they are making such a huge ruckus. Yuki’s cup is broken that her mother can only apologize to her about it and would help her fix it later on. [<- It’s broken in half] Then, one of the younger boy siblings threw the game console’s controller on her head.

At 5 years old, she is controlling her temper by telling herself not to get angry even if she is trembling in anger. She has triplets younger brothers and twins younger sisters. So when they fight like monsters, she as the oldest one, is the only one who acts like an adult. End flashback. And because of this, half a year ago during the opening ceremony, when that happened.. ‘really huge’.. it is now the second term. She doesn’t blush or anything when that old commotion is mentioned, or even if she recalled it. Pfft! Yuki blows her whistle and tells everyone that shooting baskets is over, now they are going to practice defense so form into groups of two. Abe [guesswork from 阿倍] asks her as manager of the basketball club when they are going to rest. She tells him after 8 minutes and 43 seconds. She lectures Abe to concentrate a bit since the pre-selection of the best players for the tournament is going to be less than a week. Someone comments, “How scary.” Yuki glares at that presumptuous first year guy. Yes, she also doesn’t blush or anything even if this guy is in the same club with her.

Shou tells her that she has such a strict face and it would be very good if the only thing that should be hard [/stiff like face] is one’s chest. Yuki tells him to shut up, don’t be sloppy and get back to position. Dribbling the ball, Shou left and just says, ‘ya’. While the other first years are gossiping about Shou touching her chest before, Yuki is checking their chances in winning the winter’s preliminaries for the national tournament since their team has gotten stronger but not enough to get in the short-list [to the finals]. “But then, they won’t easily lose because..” Someone shouts that it is slippery here. Yuki interrupts her thoughts and quickly mops the slippery part that the others think that she’s so scary.

A guy praises her for being passionate with her work. She looks at the guy and thinks that it is because this might be the last competition for the third years. Kido [guesswork from 木戶] tells Yuki that if they exchanged places, this competition would be a breeze. She tells him that as team captain, it is no good if he doesn’t pull himself together. Patting her head, Kido says that he’s kidding and she really doesn’t smile or anything. Yuki’s heart is beating fast. She calls herself stupid, and tells her heart not to beat too much while in the club. While Yuki continues to seriously mop, a guy asks Kido that he is wearing a wrist band that he hasn’t seen before. Kido says that it is a gift from his girlfriend.

This startles Yuki that she slightly breaks the mop handle. The others are saying if he is already going steady with that cute bunny-like girl and when it started. Blushing a bit, Kido says that the girl confessed to him yesterday and then, they are going steady. Yuki is heartbroken[/ felt jilted]. She recalls the time when she tidy up things for the teacher in class so that they can go home and the others think that she is like an ‘older sister’ for doing it. That was last summer, and she bumped into Kido and fell in love with him. Flashback: Kido held the box steady and asked what it is. Thinking that he’s a second year basketball club member, she apologized for that. Kido offered to help her carry the box even if she insisted that she can do it. He told her to go with him. Since she wanted to stay at his side even if she cannot become his girlfriend, just be able to stay and help him at his side, she just wants to watch him. So, she told the former basketball captain that she wants to be the manager. She became a manager with an impure motive and so, this is God’s retribution.

In the clubroom, while flipping over a book, Yuki cannot believe that Kido has a girlfriend..but then, he’s nice and popular. She wonders what kind of person is a ‘cute bunny girl’. In her heart, there is a formula of has sports club = won’t have a girlfriend so this revelation is quite a shock to her. She could even see some happy aura around Kido when he said that he’s going steady. She starts to tear up even if she doesn’t want to cry over this. She freezes when Shou slurp his juice. He bends down and says, “Yuki-senpai, are you crying?” Jiu. Yuki made her tears go back and nervously says that she isn’t. He asks what’s with the books. She tells him that she is researching about the rival team. She asks how come he’s here. He tells her that he is going to eat with Abe and he realized that he forgot his wallet. Abe is waiting outside and shouting for Shou to hurry since it is cold. While taking his wallet from the locker, he says, “Ah, also- Just now, the captain is kissing in front of the clubroom.” Yuki groans and looks back. Shou says, “Just kidding-” Yuki looks at Shou and becomes nervous. She thinks that this is bad.

After taking his wallet, Shou says that it turns out that she can be anxious and cry, and she can be a coward in liking the captain. Yuki nervously tells him that’s wrong. Shou looks at her and says, “Very interesting. Bye, see you tomorrow.” He goes out and leaves. After looking surprised, Yuki thinks that this isn’t interesting at all. In class, Yuki gloomily wonders how come it is Shou who seen’s over..her smooth basketball club life. She believes that on today’s club activity, the guys would be gossiping about her liking the captain.

She imagines Kido saying so that is how she look at him. Yuki thinks that she wasn’t aiming for him, she just wants to stay at his side and that is enough. So that’s right, nothing changed even if he has a girlfriend since from the start, she didn’t have any expectation so in short, she must concentrate on the competition. Right now isn’t the time to be made into a fool by that kid. At the gym, Shou catches the ball, got blocked by the third year who is determined to block him today but Shou still manages to shoot and scores. Fangirls go wild. Looking at her data book, Yuki thinks that they have a chance at the competition with three strong third years along with Shou. And based on how the others are acting, it seems that it wasn’t exposed.

Her heart beat fast when Kido bends close to her and comments over how amazing she is for making that [data book]. While Kido is talking with her, Yuki wonders what to do for it felt unbearable. Shou is watching them. Shou approaches them and tells the captain that it isn’t like that, yesterday when Yuki-senpai is alone.. Yuki immediately grabs him and takes him out of the gym. Holding his collar, Yuki asks what he is planning to say. He says that she is alone doing a data plan against the rival team. She tells him not to say unnecessary words. He asks if it is something like she cries simply because she is rejected, that type of stuff.

She darkly tells him not to say it, absolutely do not say it. He tells her that if she wants him to keep it a secret, massage him a bit. She tells him not to get carried away. Sitting down, Shou says that this is boring, when she was obviously super rattled yesterday. She asks if it is interesting to make a fool of someone older, and why is he sitting, get back to practice. Shou says that it is nothing, he is just a bit interested on what other kind of expressions she has. Yuki thinks, “See. That is why I said that I don’t want to have anything to do with this guy.” During lunch, Yuki realizes that she forgot her bento so she has to buy something at the canteen. She asks her friends what they want so she’ll also buy it while she’s going there. While walking at the outside corridor, she thinks that it is because she became absent minded due to the club, because a lot has happened lately. And, she passes by Kido and his girlfriend. They are holding hands while talking about there’s no club today due to rest before the competition.

She invites him to her house to eat. Yuki thinks that it is a bunny..and she’s so cute. Kido accepts her invitation. The girl tells Kido that she’ll call her father and Kido is shock that he’s going to unexpectedly meet the father. Yuki thinks that in the end, seeing it directly is really painful. Suddenly, a magazine falls down on her head. She takes it off and it turns out to be a porn magazine. With a bun on his mouth, Shou apologizes and asks her to return that. Shou is on the roof together with his friends. Yuki tells him that it is dangerous to climb up there, he’ll get hurt, quickly go down. While the other friend is freaking out over Shou deliberately dropping the magazine, Shou asks if there’s no club today. Yuki says that it is a break today, though the coach is coming tomorrow so he better not be late.

Yuki thinks that it would have been better if she didn’t see that scene but it is alright, didn’t she say that it is enough for her to stay at Kido’s side and it is okay just to see him, even if he has a girlfriend, nothing has changed. From the start, she has given up. In the clubroom, Yuki is writing a sign ‘Focus’ when Shou comes in and asks what she likes about the captain. She sternly says that it is club break today so why is he here. Shou says that is his line. He praises her beautiful calligraphy. She says that she’s making a cheering banner even if it is a bit small since their club doesn’t have an official cheering group.

She tells him that she is doing to do what she can do until the competition on the day after tomorrow. Bending down near her, Shou says that for her to be so serious in pushing them, would it enable them to win the preliminary. Yuki asks what he wants to say. He says that actually, she doesn’t want the captain to retire. Yuki says so what if it is. She later regrets for carelessly saying that. Shou says that her face is full of pain while looking at the captain and his girlfriend during noontime. Yuki realizes that he has seen her.

Shou says that if she likes the captain why not just confess. Yuki says obviously it is impossible. He asks why, is it because he has a girlfriend. Yuki puts down her brush and tells him that not everyone is like him who just says whatever he is thinking like a child. “Hiding one’s true feelings. Have no choice but to give up on so many things. There are a lot of people like that. You don’t know anything. Don’t talk on your own here.” Yuki thinks that he is obviously only a kid, that no matter how much she tells him, he absolutely won’t be able to understand her. Flashback: When Yuki is 3 years old, her grandma gave her a cup which has her name. Yuki loved it. Her grandma has passed away when her siblings broke her cup. End flashback. “Do not cry. Do not be noisy. If I don’t endure, if I don’t become an adult, if I don’t abandon, - it is alright, *scene of captain and girlfriend* I can give up.” The next day, the coach came to greet the members. The coach is a senile old man. He tells everyone that since the competition is tomorrow, but even if they don’t get in the finals,it is okay for them to just play and have fun. “Right, Kino-kun?” [guesswork from 木野] Kido tells him that it is Kido and until today, they’ve done what they can do.

The coach says that they have strong first years this year, and it’s him, right, Yanase [guesswork from 高瀨]. Shou says yo that Kido slaps him on the head for being rude. The coach tells him that he’s quite tall and he’ll leave lots of things up to him. While the others are muttering that it is Naruse, not Yanase, Yuki thinks that it is finally tomorrow, which perhaps would be her last time to see Kido in the basketball club. Some fangirls [I think one of them is the ponytailed girl in the first few pages] say that they would be cheering for Shou tomorrow. Shou glances at Yuki who looks away. She thinks that she got careless yesterday and lost her reason towards someone younger than her and it just so happen to be Shou. [<- by the way, she calls him by his surname] She cried and recklessly said things. Flashback: After Yuki told him that he doesn’t know anything and don’t say things on his own, Shou asked what she is angry about. She denied that she’s angry. End flashback.

She wonders how to endure his fooling around. Just as everyone is leaving, Kido tells everyone that the competition is at 10am so they are going to leave here at 7. While greeting goodbye, Yuki wants to wish Kido good luck when his girlfriend arrives and tells him ‘good job’. With an aura of happiness, Kido asks if she was waiting. Yuki is startled when Shou whispers from behind for her not to stare them to death. She tells him not to stand behind her, talking like an assassin, and this is her shoe locker. She is surprised when he asks her when does she smile.

While getting his shoes, he says that he has seen her cry and get angry but he hasn’t seen her smile. Yuki says about that, she’ll smile when there’s a happy thing. He walks away saying that he’s hungry. This made her wonder what’s up with this brat, talking to himself, and he simply is fooling around with her when he said that he finds it interesting to see her other expressions. She darkly thinks that she won’t smile even if they win tomorrow, she absolutely won’t smile in front of that guy, and she won’t be fooled by him again. On the day, it is Ryuhoku [their school] vs Meisei, their rival. As they play, the coach says that it started and he hopes that no one gets injured. Yuki felt uneasy over Kido’s girlfriend who is directly behind her while she is cheering for Kido. Yuki tells herself to concentrate on the competition.

Currently, Yuhoku has 26 while Meisei has 46 at halftime. During the timeout, everyone is tired. Even with the 20 points difference, the coach says that they did well. A guy scolds Shou if he has been seriously playing. Shou says a little bit. The guy shouts for him to give his all out. Yuki thinks that with only 20 minutes left, it is hard to catch up but it is still too early to give up. The game starts again and Shou manages to score. Abe and others cheer on for him. The coach says that Yanase seems to be preserving his strength for the latter half of the game and he’s quite energetic. Yuki darkly says that he’s called Naruse. Yuki thinks that he is quite a showoff and but even if she’s quite infuriated but the score difference is gradually decreasing. On the third quarter, the score is 42 against Meisei’s 50.

If this goes on, perhaps. A Meisei guy guards Shou and tells him not to get carried away you, first year, he absolutely won’t let him slip away. Shou manages to break through his defense but he accidentally steps on the guy’s foot. Shou felt a sharp pain. They are surprised over a thud. Shou is bending down that his teammates ask what happened. Yuki tells Shou that he just had a sprain so come over for a substitution. Standing up, Shou says that it isn’t a sprain and there’s no need for a substitution. He won’t listen to Yuki so Kido asks him if he is really okay and he should say if he cannot do it. Shou tells him to shut up. Kido couldn’t believe that he just told him, a senpai, ‘shut up’. Shou says, “If this continues, we’ll lose, right. If we lose, then you’ll retire, right. If it is like that, won’t it be that super boring expression again.” Kido asks what he is talking about.

Yuki looks surprised and recalls him asking when she smiles. “Does he want to win so that I’ll smile? Up to when does he plan to fool around with me? Your foot is obviously very painful. The fact is, you obviously felt, ‘annoying to death’.” The opponent manages to hit the ball away from Shou. Abe says that this is bad for the ball was stolen. Yuki thinks, “There is only 10 seconds left with a difference of 10 points and Meisei is leading with 72 points. The opponent controls the ball, their players are extremely exhausted, and no matter how one thinks, it is impossible to turn this defeat to victory. *The ball sails through the air and Shou jumps to catch it.* How come you still won’t give up?” Shou winces after he lands on the floor. The others says that he got it but even if he did, it is already..

Yuki thinks, “To be defended like that and in any case, he’ll be blocked again. Even if he shoots from there to get three points, in the end, we still couldn’t catch up. *5 seconds left* In any case, we already can only just give up.” Yuki sucks up her breath in and shouts out loud, “NARUSE-!!! IF YOU LET THAT BALL GET STOLEN AWAY, I’M GOING TO SPANK YOUR BUTT!!! *everyone is shock* Whether it’s win or lose, it doesn’t matter!! You only have to absolutely not give up on that ball. (Actually, I don’t want to give up) *Shou suddenly charges and breaks the opponent’s defense* (but I’m such a coward. Very afraid, very scared of fighting. Always pretending to give up. –so, Naruse,) *Shou jumps to shoot the ball and it’s in* (I can only hope for a little bit that I can become strong just like you.)” It is announced that the competition ends with Meisei winning with 72 points and they won 65 points. [<- it was a 3 point shoot] Abe tensely looks at Yuki and tells her that the game is over and they’ve lost. It is only then, Yuki is mentally freaking out over what she just said “..what the heck did I say on the Kido-senpai’s retiring [last] game.. It’s over. Goodbye, my youth..” Kido notices that Shou is bending down that he asks if his foot is really painful. He is puzzled for it turns out that Shou is laughing.

Kido asks if he is really alright. Shou says no. He covers his face and says, it isn’t a bit okay. [<- Ah, something like cannot suppress it anymore] In their locker room for their team, Yuki asks Shou if he’s an idiot for his foot is swelling like a pig’s trotter. Sitting on the floor, Shou removes his sock which reveals his swelling right ankle. Shou looks at her and says that it really hurts. Yuki says of course it does since it became like that. While Yuki bandages his foot, Shou asks where the others are. Yuki says that they are at the meeting and would go to the hospital later on. He asks why the hospital. Yuki says that it is because he’s going there. “..don’t be recklessly like that again.” After a pause, Shou says, “..but..senpai, didn’t you say that you’re going to spank my butt.” Yuki darkly tells him that is enough, shut up and forget about it. As Yuki prepares to leave, Shou says that if she spanked him, he might get aroused by it. Yuki tells him that he’s annoying to death, and hurry up. Shou calls out, “Ah- senpai, about that-” Yuki angrily turns to him and asks, “What.” Shou gives her a kiss and says, “I’ve fallen for you.” Yuki looks aghast and thinks, “..ahh, don’t want to have anything to do with him.”


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